Dr. Steve Greenbaum,
Physics Department.
RISE Program Mentor

Initially, students will be assigned to help an advanced student or post-doc. They will become familiar with several techniques, and should strive to understand why their project is important. As they become more confident and competent, they will work towards being the lead scientist on an individual project. They will present their own research at lab meetings, RISE program seminars, and in scientific conferences. About 1/3 of RISE scholars become a co-author of one or more papers.

Presentations and publications, along with the mentors's recommendation, will greatly enhance the student's attractiveness to PhD programs.

Since preparing undergraduate program participants to become research scientists is our main goal, students will be placed in the lab of Hunter Faculty member whose research matches their interest.

Students will look through the list of approved RISE mentors and submit a list of approximately 6-8 laboratories in which they would like to rotate. Program staff will contact the mentors. Generally mentors will set up a meeting with the student before they agree to take the student into their lab. If the mentor agrees, they work out an agreement regarding the correct timing for the student to be in the lab as well as expectations.