Undergraduate Benefits

Laboratory Research:
Students begin their training and hands on scientific research by working in the laboratory of a Hunter College Faculty.Students work in the laboratory, preferably on their own research projects under the supervision of the faculty mentor, graduate student or postdoc.
Financial Support:
Undergraduate students are supported in the form of salary and wages. Stipends are not allowable for the RISE Program. RISE undergraduate trainees currently earn $12.00/hour for 15 hours per week during the academic year (Spring and Fall semesters) during their research rotation. During the summer students will be working full-time 35 hours per week if not attending an external summer research internship.
Tuition Waiver: A full tuition waiver from the College is available to students whose other sources of funding (such as scholarships or fellowships) do not cover the entire cost of tuition. The college does not waive the activities and technology fees.
Funding to attend a Scientific Conference:
Undergraduate students will attend a national conference and submit an abstract to present a scientific poster or an oral presentation. Expenses to attend the conference are covered by the program. Conferences attended by undergraduates are either ABRCMS or SACNAS.
Mentoring: All RISE undergraduate students receive mentoring and counseling from faculty, their research mentor and program staff about graduate school, including help in preparing for the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE's).
Professional Development: RISE undergraduates participate and have access to various workshops and courses to ensure their academic and career success. See calendar for RISE program events.
Program Requirements: Please see the PDF available here.