• Hyungsik Lim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Hyungsik.Lim@hunter.cuny.edu
  • János A. Bergou, Ph.D. Professor of Physics, Hunter College jbergou@hunter.cuny.edu

    Research Interests:  Quantum optics, laser physics, cavity QED and micromasers, nonlinear optics, resonance fluorescence, squeezing and non-classical radiation, quantum information and quantum computing, quantum measurement theory.

  • Ying-Chih Chen, Ph.D. Professor of Physics, Hunter College Y.C.Chen@hunter.cuny.edu

    Research Interest: Experimental optics, laser physics, fiber lasers, laser arrays, biomedical imaging, focusing and imaging in optically diffusive media.

  • Kelle Cruz, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Hunter College Kelle.cruz@hunter.cuny.edu

    Research Interests: Observational Astronomy. Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. Low-Mass stars and Brown Dwarfs.  Low-mass Populations of Young Moving Groups.

  • Steve G. Greenbaum, Ph.D. Professor of Physics, Hunter College Steve.greenbaum@hunter.cuny.edu

    Research Interest: Our primary interest is spectroscopic investigation of structure in disordered solids. We use NMR along with EPR and synchrotron x-ray absorption techniques (EXAFS, XANES), to evaluate materials being developed for renewable energy applications such as fuel cells and lithium batteries.

  • Yuhang Ren, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics, Hunter College yre@hunter.cuny.edu

    Research Interests: Novel electronic and magnetic materials and devices, semiconductor quantum structures, optical response of solids, spintronic and electronic properties of solids, nano-fabrication, biomedical optics, coherent ultrafast x-rays, THz, far- and mid-infrared spectroscopy